One of the most popular book series turned to a movie series ever is Harry Potter, known in the Wizarding World as The Boy Who Lived. While as the title character Harry is deeply involved in the plot, he is certainly not the only one that keeps the story moving. These five wizards played integral parts in the Harry Potter series:

harry hermione and ron

Ronald Weasley: Harry meets his classmate while searching for the 9 3/4 boarding platform as King’s Cross Station, an entryway concealed to the Muggle eye. The boys bonded over candy on the train trip and shared a room at school. They worked together, along with Hermione Granger to defeat the villainous plot revolving around the stone.

Hermione Granger: Though it seemed when Ron and Harry first met Hermione that the boys would never accept her into their group, that changed when the threesome had a victorious battle with an unexpected troll. Their friendship was solidified at the conclusion when they take on the villain from this novel.

hagridHagrid: This gentle giant was given the responsibility of transporting baby Harry from his parent’s home after their death to her sister’s home, where Harry grew up. When it was time for Harry to begin his formal wizarding education, Hagrid picked him up. His gambling and trade issues also brought about unravelling the mystery of the school year.

Professor Quirinus Quirrell worked at Hogwarts for a single year, causing a great deal of trouble along the way. In addition to responsibility for the troll that the trio of students encountered, he aided Voldemort in staying alive by the slaying of innocent unicorns and was attempting to steal the stone, which extends life, in order to help the Dark Lord.

Professor Severus Snape: This misunderstood character is perceived by Harry and his classmates as a villain throughout their education. However, many of the actions they perceived as suspicious were actually under the directive of Headmaster Dumbledore, who was suspicious of Professor Quirrell, the new Dark Arts instructor.