This isn't us, be we wish we were that cool.

This isn’t us, be we wish we were that cool.

Frankly Speaking is a blog about revealing the truth in our society.

We are so screwed up that you probably don’t even know the half of it, and the reasons are so diverse you can’t even imagine them. But, in our view, the number 1 reason behind everything all has to do with education.

I’m not talking about education as in let’s all go to school and sit and learn how to do algebra and read Shakespeare and pretend like life is good. I’m talking about real life education, where we learn how to take a solid look at the world around us and evaluate it on our own terms.

Why is it that we have politicians who make sleezy deals with fat cat billionaires? It’s because the people that vote them in to office don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes!

How else can you explain people voting for politicians who will make laws that are flat out against their consituent’s best interests? Ignorance. I mean, can you really believe that Americans still think Obama is a terrorist? Even if you disagree with his policies, there’s absolutely no real reason why anyone should be so dumb.

To combat that, most of what we’ll write about here on Frankly Speaking will have to do with education and, in particular, books. We believe that books are the key to learning, and will do our best to help promote those that we think are worthy of your attention!

Cheers and we look forward to talking more in the near future!